Benefits of a professional email address

Nov 27, 2017

So you’ve started a new business or have an existing business.  You require a email address.

Many business owners want to keep their expenses low by opting for free email services such as, or their Internet Service Provider email service. They’ll either select for their name, or their business name,

So why should you bother with a professional email address?

Professional emails are inexpensive and indispensable. Contact us for IT services on help with setting up a professional email.

Here are the reasons why:

  • It increases your brand recognition and professionalism – Your domain name is the identity of your business and puts it in the forefront of your customers and suppliers.  Every time you send your email, you are promoting your brand.  It indicates that your business is professional and established.  
  • Professional Email addresses are easy to remember – How hard is it to remember a generic email address?  Many customers can’t.  Imagine the email address or  The second one is easier to remember right?  Make your professional email memorable.
  • Reduce the risk of your email being marked as spam –  Free email addresses are frequently being used my spammers.  Most spam filters often mark free email addresses as spam.  So having a professional email address reduces the risk of you emails being rejected or marked as spam.  
  • Email Marketing & Newsletters – Further adding to free/personal emails being marked as spam, businesses are using email marketing to drive more sales.  If your email are not getting the coverage because its ending up in spam filters, then its just wasting your efforts and time.      
  • Adds credibility and trust – When you see generic emails, you see a potential scam or an unprofessional start up business. So a professional email address will give better reassurance and credibility to your customers and suppliers.

  • Separate emails for different departments –  You can create multiple emails under the same domain and separate them under different department or names. For example, or Makes it easier for customers and suppliers to communicate with the right people.