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Search Engine Marketing

Increase your business visibility and grow your business with Search Engine Marketing.  The most popular form is Google Ads PPC (Paid Per Click) Advertising since Google is the most used search engine.  Bing by Microsoft is also a great alternative for good return of investment even if the market share is not as great as Google.  

What this mean is that businesses are paying to be in front if customers search for product or service.  This is the fastest way to get ahead of your competitors.  You only pay when customers click on your ads and visits your website or makes a phone call.  Its value for money as its charging against actionable events.

Generate Leads Instantly.

Don’t Wait! Reach Out your Paying Customers.

Why Search Marketing

Instant Impact

Immediately increase traffic to your website so you can get those leads and phones calls.  Its a quick form of entry as SEO takes a lot of effort and time to rank.  Perfect for new businesses looking for a good head start.  Or existing businesses looking to expand their business even further.

Genuine Leads

You can specifically target customers searches, their demographics and landing pages on your website.  These targets or potential customers are specific to your business industry.

Measurable and Trackable

PPC is easily trackable with Analytics tools.  You have full visibility on what type of searches are invoking your ads, audience, demographics, devices used, location and so much more.  Allows better fine tuning to increase your return on investment

In Control of your Budget

Google PPC Advertising allows you to change your budget anytime you want as your marketing budget will vary from time to time.


For a successful PPC campaign, first we need to fully understand your business and marketing goals.  Its not set once and forget.  A succesful Google PPC campaigns require ongoing maintenance and management.  There are so many technical variables and ongoing testing to keep your return of investment effective.  We ensure there is ongoing communication with you so you can understand how well your Google PPC campaigns are performing and to factor in any additional requirements you may have.

What we do but not limited to:

  • Create campaigns and ad groups
  • Demographic targeting
  • Keyword Research
  • Text Ad Copywriting
  • Image and Video Content Creation
  • Split testing to ensure the best ads are showing for the best return on investment
  • Bid adjustments to ensure your ads are appearing on the first page
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting, Analytics and fine tuning

How do we charge for our service?

We charge a monthly fee based on your marketing goals and requirements.  Its fixed so there is no surprise to you. Google/Bing ad spend is a separate fee on top which you control.  We don't charge a setup fee like other companies so you can have an ease of entry to try Google AdWords Management in Perth or Bing Ads.  See how it can work for you.  


SEM PPC Package

$500 /month

  • Google/Bing Ad Account Setup
  • Keyword Research & Maintenance
  • Ad Copy and Writing
  • Split Testing
  • Google Analytics Setup with Goals
  • Monthly Reporting
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SEO (Organic Search) is vastly different to SEM (Paid Search).  SEO is good return of investment but takes time to optimise.  SEM is paid search where you get instant first paid results.  SEM is good for businesses starting out and boosting awareness.  Mostly used in conjunction with SEO to get the best possible result.  We have a great article.  Read it here “SEO vs PPC.  Which is better?” 

There is no golden rule, but it all depends on the industry and the cost per click for the targeted keywords.  An analysis of your business requirement is needed before we can recommend a budget.

With the right expertise and strategy, we do not see why it would not work.  Keep in mind that digital advertising is more cost effective and far reaching that traditional advertising.  With proper planning, continuous optimisations and a clear goal, your campaigns will be effective, and you will see leads and enquiries coming in.


Paid clicks campaigns need continuous ongoing work to get the best click through rate and to get the best value for your advertising budget.  This includes, ongoing keyword research, ad-rewriting, negative keywords, demographics, devices, conversions, retargeting and more.

We primarily focus on small businesses therefore our price reflects this.  Usually with Ad spend less than $2000 a month