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LINE IT supports small businesses and startups by offering IT services and Support so you can focus on growing your business.

Having the appropriate technology is critical for discovering new productivity enhancements within your business. Your IT should not only be reliable and stable, but also able to keep up with where you are going. Furthermore, you must have a provider who is constantly on the lookout for what will make a difference to your business.

IT Support

We provide application support, network and infrastructure support, devices and desktop support, and project management, among other things. We are IT support experts, and we work hard to help our clients achieve their business objectives. With our local IT support in Perth, we best help reduce operational downtime and protect our customers.

With our tailored IT Services, we make sure that the provided solutions ‘best’ meets your requirements.

Personalised Service, Flexibility, Business Integrity and Delivered Solutions

Personalised and people skills is what the IT industry is lacking. We come to this realisation thus LINE IT was founded. With our service being customer centric, combined with the wealth of knowledge, experience and solutions, LINE IT is your perfect partner.

Affordable After Hours IT Support

We operate after hours but charge at a very affordable rate. In the I.T industry, after hours services are charged at a penalty rate which is usually 2 times of the industry standard. To give you an idea, a level 1 consultant industry rate is at $140 per hour. After hours rate for a level 1 consultant will be $280 per hour. This includes weekends.

We fill in this gap by providing the better professional IT services and support during those times. We believe that small businesses shouldn’t be penalised.

IT Services, Support & Solutions We offer

Here are the IT services (not limited to) that we provide so you can get a idea of what I.T can do for you.

  • Data Management
  • IT Security
  • Business IT Monitoring
  • Digital Branding & Enhanced Marketing Strategies
  • Improve Customer Support & Communication
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Efficient IT Systems for Business Operations Support

Professional, Industry Experience and Highly Personalised IT Services when you need it.

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IT Onsite Support

$99 per hour

  • No Call Out Fee ** Metro Area
  • Charge at 30 mins intervals
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IT Remote Support

$66 per hour

  • Instant Support.  Most problems can be solved remotely
  • Charged at 30 mins intervals
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IT Project Work


Fixed Price
  • Control your IT expenditure with fixed cost project work
  • Suitable for bigger IT solutions
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Our IT support is solely after hours from 6pm to 10:30pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm weekends.  Our goal is to provide affordable after hours IT services.  Other IT providers charge double the rate after hours.  We help complement those who have IT support during business hours.

Our goal is the respond immediately, otherwise within the hour.  If remote support can be provided in many instances to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, then the response time will be much quicker.

We definitely can provide a police clearance.  Due to the nature of after hours IT support, we understand the importance of having a police clearance.

Our goal is the provide personalised professional IT services at a affordable rate aim at small businesses.

Personalised service means we take the time to listen and understand your IT requirements that suits your budget.  Big companies have many expenses therefore will charge almost every minute of their time whether it’s support or advice.

We understand business is business but there needs to be a human element.

Big companies also have a structure:

  • Account Manager (usually not technical) to provide customer service support.
  • Level of IT support.  1st, 2nd and 3rd level.  1st level support are inexperienced so you may not get the strategic and IT support that you are looking for.

With LINE IT, you get a person with customer service experience and extensive IT expertise, every time.