Website Template vs Website Builder vs Custom Built Websites

Dec 11, 2017

As a website designer in Perth, we often get questions about website templates, website builders and custom built websites.

Having a online presence is a vital in this digital landscape.  A website is the gateway and a portal to your business.

Depending on your requirements, a website template, website builder and a customer website each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  

As a spoiler, we recommend our Affordable Web Design Perth services that is custom built from the ground up.  Let’s explore the reason’s for the other options.  

Business owners or freelance web developers are always looking for ways to reduce their expenses. Thus they often go for cheap or free pre-made website templates or use a website builder to save costs.  The question is, is this the right choice and how it will affect your business branding?

Let’s start off with the benefits of a template website.

A website template is premade, often referred as “off the shelf” that are free or purchased.  Since they are available to the public, customers who adopt these templates, won’t have a unique design to stands out from their competitors.  

– No need to design: Choose a template that catches your eye
– Good if you’re short on time and need a instant website
– Low costs and budget: Templates are premade and off the shelf
– Good for customers that have little IT skills

What about the benefits of a website builder?

Website builders are becoming more popular as there are more companies offering this service. They offer “drag and drop” style designs, with a gallery of premade design to choose from  and offers email/hosting as part of the monthly package.  Popular choices of website builders include Wix and Squarespace.  

– Drag and drop design: It’s visual and no programming skills are required
– Premade templates to choose from
– Great for a simple landing page
– Monthly cost that includes hosting and emails

We believe a “off the shelf” template and website builders are great for those quick simple website, focused on just a landing page.  

Will Rogers

You will never get a chance to make a first impression

– Unique Website Designs: No other competitors will have the same design as you.  
– Customer Service Focused: You design your website with your customers in mind. Instead of ideas being limited to the constraints of template or a predetermined design, you are free to express your ideas to create the best customer engagement.
– Branding: By having a unique design, you have a custom website that matches your colours, images and style in line with your stationery, brochures, signage and business cards that you already have.
– Flexibility: Will a custom website, you can customised the website in ways you want. It’s adaptable which means you can keep improving and add new features more easily.  Rather by the limitations of a template or website builder tools.
– Time: By getting a professional to build your custom website, you can focus on your business.  Designing is a lengthy process.  No need to mess around with the technical setups of a template, website builder or a custom website.  
– Attractive and Beautiful Designs – Poorly designed website are not only off-putting, they can also discourage first time visitors.  Your first impressions counts so a beautiful and attractive website is not only appealing, it also gives off an impression that your business is legitimate and professional.  
– Great for SEO – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for search engine online presence.  Not only you need a attractive and beautiful website, you also want your website to be easily found. With a custom website, you have control over all aspects that will adhere to the guidelines of search engines so your website will rank higher than your competitors.
– Choice of hosting companies – Further adding to the SEO benefits, you have a choice of your own hosting company.  Since search engines are heavily focus on local searches and website speeds, choosing a local web hosting company will give you this edge.  Since we do custom website design in Perth we recommended Dream IT Host.  They are Perth based and offer super fast SSD (fast than traditional mechanical hard drive) hosting.       

Here at LINE IT we focus on custom built professional brand driven website that suits your business. Your online presence needs to match your office appearance, colours and marketing material so it’s uniform. It’s your brand that people can easily recognise.  We recommended businesses who are serious to consider a custom web design.

The price of a custom website is not as expensive as you think.  Prices have improved considerably making it so much more affordable.

We use a CMS (Content Management System) platform so that you can easily edit the content thus saving even more on future costs.

If you look at the many benefits of a custom web design, the initial costs and outlay are well worth it.  With a businesses, you always think about long term success.  A custom web design is the foundation of success for your future.