IT Security

IT Security Services

Protect your business against intrusion, hacking and breaches in today's connected environment.

Your business I.T security is importnat if not a priority.

  • Protect your valuable data and protect your customer's information
  • Avoid costly breaches
  • Stop unauthorised access 

We offer a range of security products that protects your business and the best practice to maintain it.  

UTM (Unified Threat Management) Firewalls

UTM Firewalls is all in one solution that provides a variety of security feature such as:

  • Firewall
  • VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Intrustion Prevention
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Application Control
  • Central reporting

UTM are a great way to have enterprise features at a fraction of a cost.  


Protect your business by investing in an excellent anti-virus solution.  Prevention is better than removal and recovery.  Money, time and the stress is not worth it.  

We recommend ESET and have been using it for many years to protect many businesses.  It's very light on system resources and offer strong protection against virus/spyware. 

ESET Protect Digital Worlds

Email Spam filtering

Spam/Phishing is the most common way for external intruders to gain access your login credentials.  Not many people can differentiate between a legitimate emails or links.  Therefore reduce the amount of Spam and Phishing emails from entering your business emails with solutions we offer.


Cyber Security is important.  Protect your business and information from unauthorised access

Contact us for the advice, best practices and solutions.   

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