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Social Media is a Big Deal

The average Australian checks their social media more than 5 times a day and spends more than 1 hour.  This is a lot of time isn't it?  Therefore, many businesses are jumping onto this medium and are taking advantage of the benefits that social media offers.

The opportunities with social media are vast.  Utilise popular social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.  Create great content, let customers know about your business and connect socially to provide better customer service.  

People (your customers) are vocal with their experiences on your products or services. They are also more frequently vocal on bad customer service and this can spread, discouraging potential customers.  Therefore, you need to become part of the conversation.  Learn from your customer's feedback whether its good or bad.  

Social Media Management - Time Poor?

The problem with many businesses is that they are "time poor".  They're more focused on running their business rather than photographing, hash tagging, documenting, captioning or thinking of post ideas.  

We understand this and this is where we can help.  We'll create a social media strategy by sitting down and discuss your ideas so you can portray your brand image.  Provide analytics so you can understand your market segment and how customers can engage with you.

We also provide photography services so you can get those eye-catching photo's that creates instant attention.  Attention equals to brand awareness and awareness equals to potential customers.

Social Media Advertising

For better reach and engagement, unfortunately you must be willing to invest money into it.  This is called Social Media Advertising and its available on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more.

If done correctly, this can be a low cost and efficient channel of advertising.  With advance targeting on demographics, interests, likes and a extremely large user base, you can effectively zero in on your target audience and turn them into paying customers.

Many businesses has yet to adopt Social Media Advertising so be sure to start soon to get ahead if your competitors.

Create a Social Media Strategy Plan

We provide monthly packages or Ad-hoc services.  They're transparent so you get no suprises.  

Before discussing any packages, we need to have a meeting to understand your business requirements and objectives.  Our consultation will help us understand:

  • Vision and Branding.  How you want to ultilise social media to further reach and engage your customers and promote how your products and services will benefit them
  • Consult on social media strategies, target audience, social media platforms and content creation.
  • Social Media Account Creation and Profile Setup
  • Help develop copywriting, photography and video content
  • Provide training to staff on how to utilise the different social media platforms 

Be Social

Delight your customers with interesting relevant content and customer service.  More and more customers are reaching out via social media and being there helps you be part of the social community.

When you reach out and grow your audience, you grow your business.  Isn't this what we all want?  Contact us today for a free consultation.   

B A S I C   P L A N

per month

  • Management for Facebook & Instragram

  • Customised Content & Posts

  • Reputation Management

  • Photography Services Included

  • Website Management

  • Monthly Reporting

M E D I U M   P L A N

per month

  • Management for Facebook, Instragram & Youtube

  • Customised Content & Posts

  • Reputation Management

  • Photography Services Included

  • Video Production Included

  • Website Management

  • Social Media Marketing Management

  • Monthly Reporting

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