How Do You Respond to Negative Reviews?

Reviews — you'd much rather live without them than have them determine the success of your business. But what can you do — people like them for many reasons. It all boils down, however, that reviews smooth out the decision-making that goes into shopping. Plus, it's a form of social proof, and that's important because nine out of ten people will put more trust in an unsolicited, non-paid review than a paid-for ad. Whether you're a fan or not, reviews are a feature every business should learn to t...
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How Instagram Changed the Way We Shop

Instagram started as a social network whose focus was on visual story-telling — sharing photos in short. This proved to be a good strategy for the social network because it was able to quickly catch the attention of regular users and businesses alike. Soon enough, the features Instagram started implementing started influencing its audience — mostly Millennials — in some very specific ways. If LinkedIn changed the way we search and are being sought after — for a job, and if Facebook changed the w...
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Best Practices and Security Tips for Working Remotely

 Working remotely has been a growing trend around the world over the past couple of decades. Studies show that up to 52% of workers did their job remotely at least once a week in 2018. In some counties — Australia, for example — over two-thirds of the workforce spent at least one day a week working away from their workplace. The prospect of being able to work from home, at least once in a while, is unlikely to draw detractors, and there are even reports saying that 99% of employees would ap...
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Prime Lens vs Zoom Lens - Which One Is Better?

If there's one piece of advice for budding photographs you'll keep coming across over and over again, it has to be the one about how lenses matter more than camera bodies. The logic is simple — no matter how good the camera's sensor is, it's the lens that gets the light to that sensor. You can also look at it in a different way. Lenses hold their value significantly longer than camera bodies. They're usually not surpassed technologically for long stretches of time, while new camera models pop up...
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Why Data Backup is so important for your Business

Here's a fun little fact you've probably never heard: Australians spend 800 thousand hours per day looking for lost things. In total, Aussie households spend $1.2 billion every year replacing lost things. That's a lot of money that goes towards buying new TV remotes, shoes, glasses, phones, wallets and purses. But those are just the households that lose physical items. How bad do you think businesses have it when it comes to problems with data? On average, a data breach will cost a business $3.9...
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Local SEO tips to improve your search rankings

We've known for a while now that even the local brick-and-mortar businesses need to get good at the whole search engine optimisation game. The need really is self-evident, and it's been tested and repeated more times than anyone would care to count. But it's still very important to understand it. If you're someone who is new to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and you're just finding out that those people you see on the street with their heads in their smartphones might be your potential custom...
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Staying Safe Using Public Wi-Fi

As more and more aspects of our lives happen in the digital part of an ever-connected world, it becomes increasingly harder to say "no" to being online. In fact, the inability to connect could leave some of us with a sense of unease. So much so that we now use terms such as FOBO, an acronym for fear of being offline. But every internet user — that's over half of the world's population — should be aware the internet isn't exactly safe. Staying on top of cybercrime trends is something we should al...
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Why a Video Marketing Strategy Will Skyrocket Your Business

Content is all the rage among digital marketers. We know that from the fact that we've seen a 78% increase in content marketing budgets since last year. We can also see it from the fact that more than a half of business-to-consumer marketers, some 57% of them, planned to increase their content expenditures. However, to truly understand what works and what doesn't in the content world, you have to look at where the money is going. Last year, content creation saw the biggest increase in budgets. T...
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SEO vs PPC: Which is better?

TermsSEO (Search Engine Optimisation)PPC (Paid Per Click) Among the many tools and techniques digital marketers and advertisers have on their tool belts, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising are two that get a lot of use. Paid search and organic search are in a group of select few digital marketing techniques that amount for a quarter of the average marketing budget's expenses, surveys show. As far as digital marketing techniques and tools go, SEO and PPC are among the most p...
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What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation isn't easy. No business transformation is, but it seems that going digital is even more difficult. Some surveys indicate that digital transformations have significantly lower success rates than regular business transformations. And at 12%, regular business transformation success rates should be easier to beat. But still, digital transformation seems to be a popular topic, and businesses seem to be resolute to see it through. After all, who would say no to better profits, w...
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Business Dashboards - How It Helps You Visualise Better

The world of business always had a healthy appreciation of true and timely information. Maps that charted trade routes containing valuable and sought-after information, and helped people visualise information long before GPS tools. Information about the goods someone would like to trade, and what would they want in return, was also paramount. In the world before modern communication, information was scarce and valuable. Data points were few and far between. Insights were reduced to the most...
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Social Media Marketing and Management - Why Your Business Should Use It

It's still not safe to say that we are, as a species, completely taken by social media, but we're surely getting there. Data for 2018 shows that slightly more than half of all living humans use the internet. And more than three out of four internet users are active social media users. Any business that would want to find customers online could do much worse than use social media to reach forty percent of humanity. Of course, there's much more to using social media for business purposes than just...
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Internet Security Guide for Small Businesses

As a business owner, Internet Security is a thing that should worry you. The fact that you own a small business doesn't help because, believe it or not, small businesses are routinely under attack. Data from the United States show that more than two out of five cyber attacks target small businesses. In 2017, more than five hundred thousand Australian small and medium businesses were affected by cyber crime. If your business employs between 100 and 500 people, the average cyber attack will s...
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Cloud Computing- Benefits and Disadvantages

Cloud computing is one of the technological blessings that can help you to get a competitive advantage and become more agile in the world of business.  What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is not a mere fad but is more becoming a necessity in the business world. It took many years to shift from the traditional software models to internet-based models and it is here to stay. What exactly is cloud computing? Well, it is 'kind of' outsourcing your data and applications. Once the data or ap...
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The Basic Fundamentals of Photography

A camera is just a tool.  Creativity comes from the photographer We've all taken photos when we've spotted a great scene and yet the pictures themselves are terrible. How can we avoid this? How can we improve our basic photography skills? Still need a professional photographer in Perth? Contact us for advice and pricing. We want to focus on the fundamentals of photography because there is a belief that by having the best equipment, you have the best photographs.  Its so easy to ge...
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Choosing The Right Web host For The Best User Experience and SEO

 A website is very important for any businesses because your customers will often visit your website to research your product or service offerings. Therefore, you want to make a good impression with your website with it's the attractive design, relevant information and seamless user experience. As a business owner, we're very conscious with our website and we perform a myriad of things, for instance, we continue our best endeavours to make sure we keep optimising our website. Like: Providin...
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Why You Should Only Hire Experienced and Certified IT Consultants

Whether you are using your computer or device, can be for personal use or for business purpose, disturbance in its functionality can cost you time and money if you do not know how to resolve it in a short period of time. Especially for a businesses where time is money.  Your computer or business system can lose its functionality at any point of time without even any warning and that is when you will need the service of an experienced professional IT Consultant.  In today's modern compu...
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Website Template vs Website Builder vs Custom Built Websites

As a website designer in Perth, we often get questions about website templates, website builders and custom built websites. Having a online presence is a vital in this digital landscape.  A website is the gateway and a portal to your business. Depending on your requirements, a website template, website builder and a customer website each has its own advantages and disadvantages.   As a spoiler, we recommend our Affordable Web Design Perth services that is custom built from the gro...
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Benefits of a professional email address

So you've started a new business or have an existing business.  You require a email address. Many business owners want to keep their expenses low by opting for free email services such as, or their Internet Service Provider email service. They'll either select for their name, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or their business name,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So why should you bother with a professional email address? Professional emails are inexpensive and in...
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Why you should treat your website like a Real Store?

Customers are spending more time online due to the rise of mobile smart phones, social media and technology.  Due to consumer behaviour, this dictates the requirement for businesses to have a online presence.   If you look at the Infographics below, it's staggering to see how mobile smartphones has attributed to this surge.  Mobile smartphones are not a replacement for a desktop but allows customers to obtain information which weren't possible before.  Consumer decisions...
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