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My Ryzen 1700 and RX480 build

​Its been 4 years since my last PC build.  Still running a i5-4570, 8GB RAM, integrated graphics which does the job well with my day to day office computing duties.   SSD is the last upgrade I did and it made a massive improvement. With the announcement of the Ryzen 7 I was very excited with the price point of a 8 core CPU.  As I delve more into social media jobs, I've started to do a lot of video editing/encoding which fits perfectly with this upgrade.  Of course with a new platform, it means a fairly major overhaul on my primary parts.  Here's my parts below.

  • ​Ryzen 1700 CPU - $469
  • MSI B350 Tomahawk Motherboard - $189
  • Corsair 16GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM - $209
  • HIS Radeon 8GB RX480 - $329
  • Samsung EVO 960 EVO M.2 250 GB - $185
I've kept my existing case, PSU and 1TB Western Digital Black HDD where I hold my data files.

​After upgrading the motherboard firmware, I could only clock my DDR4 at 2994Mhz.  Hopefully future firmware will allow me to use the full potential of 3200Mhz for better performance.  *Update*  Latest bios update allowed the 3200Mhz speeds.  :)

My build is based primarily on productivity with light gaming.  My first impression is very impressive.  First thing I've tried is video encoding while working with many productivity programs at once.  With my last i5, the encoding part alone takes up 100% of the CPU.  With the Ryzen 1700, I still have 50% left unused.  I normally run, Outlook, Excel, Word, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Chrome (with so many tabs)  plus Windows 10 apps.  

In terms on gaming, I'm not into raw performance.  If the game runs at 60fps at 1080p, I'm happy and it does that perfectly fine.  Its practical.  

In conclusion, the Ryzen 1700 is perfect for productivity and gaming at 1080p at 60fps.  I believe this PC build is future proofed for 4 years or even more.  I'm very glad that AMD is back to bring us a affordable CPU and to bring competition back into the CPU market.  

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Why you should buy a SSD?

Solid state hard drives (SSD) are progressively getting larger and cheaper as they became more mainstream.  You can get a 120GB SSD for $59 compared to 5 years ago where it was above $400.  SSD storage space now eclipsing 1TB.  Crazy right?

SSD uses flash memory which vastly improves performance and reliability over traditional hard drives.  Here are reason why you should consider a SSD today:

  • They are extremely fast.  Faster boot times, applications loads faster and smoother system performance.  Once you've experience the performance of a SSD, it's hard to go back to a traditional hard drive
  • Reliability.  SSD has no moving parts what so ever.  This is achieve by using flash memory instead of magnetic platters of traditional hard drives.  If you drop a traditional hard drive while its operating, there's a very good chance you'll experience data loss and damage to the hard drive
  • Power Usage.  SSD uses a lot less electricity.SSD's (Flash Memory) are commonly used in laptop, laptops and phone where longer battery time is more easily achieved.  So if you're energy conscience or want your laptop to last longer, get a SSD
  • Noise.  Since there is no moving parts, SSD are silent.It'll help those who want to create a quiet PC, media centre in the theatre room or home server located near their bedroom.

SSD still loses out on the cost per MB compared to traditional hard drives.But you can get the best of both worlds.

  • System Performance.  Install your operating system, commonly used applications or games on the SSD
  • Storage.  Store your photos, video, documents and music on the traditional hard drive

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5 Website Design Principles to Increase Conversion Rate

Are you a business person or an entrepreneur who wants to promote your business online? Then a good conversion rate is important to boost the volume of sales. Check how many visitors are staying and converting on your website on regular basis. If the number is decreasing, possibly the website design is not being able to attract the visitors. So, let's take a look at these website design principles to get a sustainable boost in the conversion rate of your website.

Make your website attractive

A great website should focus on displaying your brand, business, products, informative blogs and articles. On the other hand, the website must convert the traffic into phone calls, email requests for additional information, and eventually sales.

Actually, whether or not your website is aesthetically pleasing plays a big role in conversions. Hardly 5-10 minutes will be devoted to go through your website and most of the people will only prefer to read something very beautifully designed. Therefore, make your site look sober and systematic with snappy and readable contents. Never try to chase the visitors with cute jargon. Approach directly to grab the attention of your readers.

Always remember, if your website seems unappealing, people will leave it. And you just can't afford to lose a huge number of leads! So be careful.

Let them trust you

  • No matter how much attractive deal is, they won't go for it until they trust the seller. So, know the tricks to make people trust your site.
  • It should be easier for people to verify the accuracy of the provided information
  • Name the real organization and the makers of your site
  • Show your expertise through your contents and services
  • Make sure that people can reach you easily
  • Your website design must look professional and significant of your purpose. People are prone to evaluate a site with the visual design. So, while designing your site, heed the layout, images, and more. Invest in a designer.
  • Keep your site updated with error-free contents

Pay attention to intelligent navigation

Poor navigation of a website is the sole reason why people drop out from engaging with a website. In most of the sites, the navigation layouts are too confusing to understand. The necessary links are placed at the least important places.

Plan an easy navigation so that the users can move around on your website and learn more. With drop down menus, categorize the links on your site while making it easier for the visitors to find the pages they are looking for.

Call To Action button

The call to action, known as 'CTA', is an appeal to users to invite their response. When people respond to CTA, it results in a successful conversion. Though different types of CTA are available, mostly, it refers to a click on a button.

When you are willing to receive some response from your users, use a call to action button. Put a primary and a secondary CTA on a page. But they should never indulge in competition with each other. Never baffle the user with too many options. The CTA button should help them direct their desired course of actions.

Guide them with the most common types of CTA such as "Add to cart", "Subscription sign ups", "Know More", "Try it Now", "Widgets" for sharing on social media, "Help" etc.

Post them on the most visible sections of your website to entice fruitful conversions.

Keep the conversion steps simple and transparent

Just imagine, if your grandma could able to purchase something from your site within a minute or two. So, keep the conversion steps simple and easier for every user. Complicated conversion steps will dismiss the numbers of visitors. Never ask too many irrelevant questions or personal information to the buyers. You may try using Google Analytics to funnel visualization report that helps you track where you are losing the visitors.

Now set your goals first and aim at boosting up the conversion rate of your website.

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Why you should treat your website like a shop front

Have you ever come across a shabby shop front and decided to go to the modern and stylish shop front next to it? Or you walked into a nice shop front and found the inside very bland and confusing?

With a website, the same principle applies. You need an attractive landing page with the right information for your product and services that the customer is looking for. The internal navigation needs to be user friendly and fast to create the best user experience.

Here is what you need to consider:

A custom website with a unique look

Branding is important for any businesses. Your website needs to be consistent with your logo, colours and marketing materials. This creates instant recognition with your customers. So it's worth setting a foundation to build credibility on your brand.

With more and more customers using mobile devices, a customised website will ensure its mobile friendly. This is a major opportunity not to be missed.

User Experience and Customer Service

Good design and organisation is important for a shop front as well as a website. Customers wants to be able to walk into your store and find the product and services they want easily. Products and services needs to be labelled and have the right information or description.

Customer service is a major factor in the success of your business. This is what will set you apart from your competitors as you are all offering similar products and services. Customers are more likely to shop again at your shop front or website if they receive excellent customer service. So respond to your emails, social media comments, reviews in a timely manner.

Location – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

With a shop front, having it strategically located will gain you more business opportunities. For example, a restaurant near a movie cinema or a car repair shop next to an auto shop. They are located near a high traffic area therefore, opens themselves to more opportunities.

With a website, the same principle applies. You may have a nice beautiful website but customers can't search for it on Google Search Engine. Ranking on the top 5 pages give you more opportunities. If you want to be found online and give yourself more business opportunities, you have to implement a SEO or SEM (pay per click) plan.


This is why it's very important to treat your website like a shop front as we approach the digital age. By treating your online presence poorly, this puts yourself in a disadvantage against your competitors. Contact us at LINE IT for a professional website designer that will look after your website and your digital presence. We're a local website design company in Perth to provide you the best customer service.

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Why We Must be Careful about Web Design Trends

Just likes the trends in fashion, website design trends keeps on changing. On one hand, some trends like responsive design are driven by necessity. On the other hand, some trends are just result of the shifts in the industry. For example, some websites are designed following skeuomorphism but changed later to flat design due to industry shifts. However, what matters most is that you must follow a trend according to your business and users' needs. You should never change your website design just to follow what other successful sites are doing. Just building a site on trends will fade out quickly. Let's learn about a few web design trends that you might want to think before using.


Parallax scrolling is commonly used in many sites these days. It creates an illusion with the content in the background and foreground scrolling at varied speeds. A good designer can use parallax scrolling to a fantastic effect that makes the site looks very appealing, but it is debatable if it works equally well in terms of user experience. There are several other issues associated with parallax as well. The page can take too long to load due to heavy use of JavaScript and graphics. This is definitely not suitable for the users, especially the mobile users. Moreover, the texts are embedded in graphics, which makes the search engines crawl for very little contents. Thus, parallax is also not good for SEO.


You will find carousels in almost every web design these days. They definitely reduce clutter and adds interest among the users. However, there should be a certain limit of using them. If you use them overwhelmingly, your website may just turn into a cookie cutter. Technically, carousels mean less content. Therefore, generating Meta information into a page is difficult, particularly when Google has stopped crawling the Meta keywords and takes the information of keywords from the page itself. Most of the sliders include H1 headers, but it changes when the sliding takes place, which reduces the value of keywords within them. Thus, excessive carousel usage may not be very friendly in terms of SEO.

Using Hamburger Button

Have you recently seen a symbol including three horizontal parallel lines on many websites? This is called the hamburger menu that is mostly used in the top right or top left of a user interface. Many designers are aiming to simplify navigation and thus hiding the menu under hamburger icon. This is more commonly used to suit the interface of the mobile devices. This definitely makes the site look clean and sleek, but it does not suit every website. There is a certain charm of discoverability, which is certainly reduced by using the hamburger menu. Some users may not prefer the idea of forcing them to open the navigation. However, it cannot be denied that using these design trends suitably considering the UI and UX can prove to be useful for your website. Contact an experienced website design company in Perth to guide you with the suitable web design trends that will give your site an edge.

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Why You Should Only Hire Experienced and Certified Technicians to Repair Your Computer

No matter what you are using your computer for, whether personal or for business use, disturbance in its functionality can cost you a lot if you do not know how to make them functional in a short period of time. Your computer can lose its functionality at any point of time without even any warning and that is when you will need the service of an experienced professional technician. Today, hundreds of computer repairing service providers are doing business around Australia and many of them even providing 24/7 and 365 days service, but the question is that how you will be able to identify a genuine and reputed agency that can provide you highly satisfactory service with reasonable cost. In this article, we will talk about ways to hire computer-repairing professionals.

Try to Find a Reputed Company

You may find thousands of such companies providing computer repairing and IT related service across Australia, but it is important for you to hire professionals who can provide you right solution for your problems in quick time. In order to gain popularity, many agencies are providing on-call service to their customers, where technicians reach the said location and take measures to fix problems. However, it is not that all the companies providing such attractive facilities have employed certified technicians, who have also gained expertise by working in this particular field for years. In order to make a profit from the business, many computer-repairing agencies send fresher and uncertified persons to fix their client's problems. Thus, you will have to find an agency of computer repairs in Perth or any other place that always send experienced and certified technicians to execute tasks given by their clients.

Call a Company That Offer Wide Range of Computer Related Services

You wouldn't call multiple companies for different problems because the practice will cost you a lot. While looking for a computer repair company, you should try to find a company that provides wide range of services such as,

  • Network installation
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Spyware removal and protection
  • Internet security
  • Backups and Recovery
  • Hardware solution
  • System upgrading
  • Maintenance service
  • Project Management
  • Website Design

An experienced professional always apply the latest technology to provide convenient solutions in a short time frame. In order to save time, many agencies are providing solutions remotely by accessing their client's computer through the internet. The remote access allows professionals to solve the problem in the operating system, including virus removal and the locating lost information without separating your computer from you.

As such, you can always feel confident with LINE IT computer repair services.  Not only we provide certified professional services, we are customer service focused.  Customer service is something that many computer repair service providers in Australia lack.

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Tablets vs Laptops: Which one should I buy?

Tablets have become extremely popular due to their price, battery life and portability.  With that in mind, should you bother looking into getting a laptop?

Well, it depends on the purpose.

Tablets primary use are more leant towards as a content consumption device.  Simple uses like web browsing, YouTube, Facebook, light gaming and maybe simple content creation apps.  Productivity is still achievable with add-on such as Bluetooth keyboards and mice.  Yet tablets inputs are more focused on touch rather than external inputs.

Laptops are more of a "true" productivity device due to more powerful hardware, larger screen, keyboard, better connectivity and more storage.  Power users and businesses will appreciate a laptop more than a general consumer that just wants a device that does simple tasks.  It can perform all the functions on a desktop but has the convenience of mobility.

With more powerful hardware and mobility, hard core gamer's will choose a laptop over a tablet for graphic intensive gaming, locally or online.

As you can see, there is no clear winner.  It's all up to your needs.  For example, when you're travelling, you like watch movies, do light gaming and read books, then a tablet will suit you better due to their superior battery life.  On the other hand, if you're travelling for work, then a laptop will be a better choice for productivity.

There also has been a huge rise in 2 in 1 devices that caters for both form factors.  Mostly on the Windows platform which has its own app store.  It gets kudos on the productivity but lacks many quality apps compared to the Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.  This may change in the future.

In the end, do your research and choose an option (or both) that will suit your needs, now and in the future.

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Website Template vs Website Builder vs Custom Built Websites

As a website developer in Perth, we often get questions about website templates or website builders and custom built websites. Business owners are always looking to reduce their expenses.Thus they often go for cheap or free pre-made website templates or use a website builder to save costs.

Let's start off with the benefits of a template website.

  • No need to design. Choose a template that catches your eye
  • Low costs and budget. Templates are premade and off the shelf
  • Good for customers that have little IT skills
  • Customisation is not a big factor. Just a landing page is all that is needed

What about the benefits of a website builder?

  • Drag and drop design. It's visual and no programming skills needed
  • Pre-made templates to choose from
  • Good for a simple landing page
  • Low Monthly cost that includes hosting

Now that you've seen the benefits of a template website and a website builder, what about the benefits of a custom websites?

  1. Unique website designs -  Would you want to have other businesses using the same template as you?  
  2. Branding -  By having a unique design, you have a custom website that matches your colours, images and style.  In line with the stationery, brochures, signage and business cards that you already have
  3. More Search Engine Friendly -  On-page optimisation is important to ensure your website gets noticed.
  4. Flexibility -  With a custom website, you can customise the website in ways you want.  Rather than the limitations of a template or a website builder tools. 
  5. Time -  By getting a professional to build your custom website, you can focus on your business competency.  Website Designing and programming is a lengthy process.  In business, "Time is Money"

Here at LINE IT, we focus on custom built professional brand driven websites that suits your business.  Your online presence needs to match your office appearance, colours and marketing material so it's uniform.  So it's your brand that people can easily recognise and gives you better credibility.

The price of a custom website is not as expensive as you think.  Just stating from $999 inc GST.

We use a CMS (Content Management System) platform so that you can easily edit the content thus saving even more on future costs.

Visit our Website Design Perth services for more information. 

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Benefits of a professional email address

So you've started a new business or have an existing business and require an email address.

Many business owners want to keep their expenses low at the by opting for free email services such as, or their Internet Service Provider email service.They'll either opt for their name, or their business name,

If they're free, why should you bother with a professional email address?

Here are the reasons why:

  1. You want to create a professional business first impression.  Generic or free email services will give a negative impression whether your business is legit, professional or credible.  
  2. It increases your brand recognition.  Your domain name is the identity of your business and puts it in the forefront of you customers and suppliers.
  3. Adds credibility and trust.  When you see generic emails, you see a potential scam or an unprofessional start up businesses.  So a professional email address will give better reassurance and credibility to your customers and suppliers.
  4. Separate emails for different departments.  You can create multiple emails under the same domain and separate them under different department or names.  For example,, or  Makes it easier for customers and suppliers to communicate with the right people. 


Therefore, customers and suppliers are most likely to choose a business with a professional address.  After all, a professional email shows that you mean business.

Professional emails are inexpensive and indispensable.  Contact us at LINE IT for our Website Design Perth services for more details.

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Can a Mac get a Virus?

Simply absolutely.

Apple has marketed their operating system "Mac OS" safe and less susceptible to the thousands of virus that are out there, affecting Windows Computers. They done this so well with their Mac vs PC marketing campaign.

Apple are gaining a higher market share in computers due to the immense popularity of their iPhone/iPads. Hackers are entice to the Mac OS platform as most users have no anti-virus software installed.

Mac OS is fairly secure but it's not enough to protect you against malware and viruses. Third party software such as Java and Flash vulnerability will infect your computer. Not to mention smart phishing attacks and dangerous links/attachments you get in your emails.

Got a Mac and no anti-virus? Don't risk it. Protect yourself, friends or family. We're a reseller of ESET and their cyber security pro product has a small footprint and won't slow your computer down.

Contact us for more details.

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How to stay safe online

Keep your computer, smartphone and tablet clean

  • Keep your device up to date with the latest software
    Software updates provide enhancements and security updates.
  • Keep your security software (anti-virus) up to date
    Security software needs latest virus definitions to identify new and emerging virus/malware. Yes, even Mac's and smartphones needs security software.
  • Scan external devices (USB)
    USB and external devices can carry virus from infected devices onto yours. Make sure you enable external device scanning to ensure it doesn't get onto your computer

Be very web savvy online

  • Watch out for dangerous links and attachments
    When there is doubt, delete it. Links/attachments in emails, tweets, SMS, posts and advertising are way cyber criminals can compromise your device. If its suspicious or too good to be true, delete it, block or mark it as junk.
  • Check for trusted websites
    When banking online or shopping, ensure they have SSL (secure socket layer) security. SSL protects passwords and your banking information securely.
  • Beware of Phishing
    Phishing is a way for cyber criminals to mask legitimate website with their own to steal your confidential login. Do not click on any requests to verify your password unless you requested it.
  • Risks with public Wi-Fi Hotspots
    Adjust your security level on your device when accessing public networks. Your device firewall and anti-virus can detect and adjust automatically when connecting to different networks. Turn off your Wi-Fi to public networks when you don't need to use it anymore.

Protect your personal information

  • ​Keep your password complex
    Don't use generic password. Keep it complex with the combination of upper case/lower case characters, numbers and symbols. If it's too hard to remember, use a secure password manager to keep track.
  • Use 2 Step Verification
    2 step verification will make it more difficult to access you online presence. If a cyber criminal has your password, they will be stopped if they don't have access to your other devices and accounts.
  • Back it all up
    Backup your data, photos, documents, video and other digital information and store it securely
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Should I Buy A Smartwatch?

Skeptical as many doubters with getting a smartwatch, I decided to own one and give it a try.  I'm quite frugal as I said to myself "I already have a smart phone that does everything anyways". "It's just a waste of money". 

After one month of using a smart watch, I can easily do with wearing it every day. Let's get to my main reasons why:

  • Convenience:  When I say convenience, I mean notifications. Having notifications on my wrist is very liberating. I love getting phone calls, messages and emails notifications on my wrist as I can quickly glance at it and attend to the important ones straight away.

  • It Removes Distractions:  The problem I find, is when I attend to any notifications on my smartphone, I get distracted and start playing with my other apps. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Games, Stocks, News or Shopping. With a smart watch, I find myself very less glued to the smart phone screen as before.

  • It Tells the Time:  That's what a watch is for right? ^_^ It's more convenient to glance at my wrist than pulling out my smart phone out of my pockets. In scenarios like sitting down, you have to angle yourself up to pull out your smart phone to check the time. Or when your hands are full carrying things.

My other reasons that makes a smartwatch more appealing are:

  • Health tracking​:  Not everyone cares about this feature but for me, especially in my 30's, health has never been more important. I normally keep up with my fitness so the health tracking will help me measure and encourage me not to fall behind. The heart rate monitor will help me become leaner as I can track the heart rate needed to burn fat and maintain it.

  • Fashion and Style:  A watch is a form of expression of your personality. Round watches shows aesthetic appeal and elegance in my opinion. I've wanted a watch that looks like a watch, not a mini computer screen on your wrist. In the I.T consultancy field, I want to present myself in a professional manner for the best first impression. Not just in my work, but for everyday scenarios as well.
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