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Video's is the most engaging content format and is driving more traffic on the internet.  This is why businesses will benefit the use of small videos to showcase their branding, products and services.  With the rise of Youtube, Snapchat, Instragram TV, Facebook and many more, video's are more distributed that ever for a good reason.  

Here are the reasons why:

  • Attention and Engagement:  Keeps users engaged meaning they'll stay longer on your website. People are more inclined to watch a video than reading. 
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation:  As videos drives more engagement, website traffic and user experience, this all leads to extra SEO "juice" to your rankings.
  • Video has Wider Reach:  Video's is already over half of the global internet traffic.  Therefore you have a greater audience.  
  • Educating and Informing:  It's a powerful story telling and educating tool.   The content is quick, easily digested and rich. 
  • Creates Trust:  By using interviews and testimonials, it creates a personal touch where people can relate to.  Good experiences and happy customers build trust in your brand.
  • Create a emotional connection:  Video's creates a better emotional connection because they can see and experience the products and services.
  • Video prompts more social sharing:  User's are more naturally likely to share videos than other mediums given they are shareworthy.   

This is why we use the power of videography with our Digital Marketing services.   

See our portfolio on our Youtube feed below. 

Perfect Smiles Orthodontics - Community Appreciation Day 2017

Tasked with the role of photography to take portrait photos of the kids, I am also responsible for a short video of the event. Hope you like the video.

Kings Boxing Gym - Technical Sparring

Short clip to showcase the technical sparring activities and the fun environment at Kings Boxing Gym.

Hans Cafe - Innaloo Renovation Promo Video

Short video of the new renovations at Hans Cafe Innaloo/Woodlands store used for promotions in Digital Marketing

Pictures are worth more than words but videos are a thousand times better.


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